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Join our mailing list and we’ll send you stuff every once in a while, when we actually have something significant to say (and we actually remember to send it out to people). That’s not often. Honestly, even though email is the best way to get information out, we kind of suck at doing it because we detest getting spammed so much. It’s also hard to make up stuff to say when there’s nothing really new.

We can promise you this: if In3D has a special promotion, We’re only going to send a maximum of two emails: One to say it’s on and what’s discounted, one just before it ends to let you know it’s ending. We will not send one at the beginning and then one (or more) every day until then end of the sale. Also, any special offer is going to be special, not one of these sales that ends and then two days later the same stuff is on “sale” again just so we have a made up excuse to send another damn email.

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