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FreeGrid, an Open Grid-based 3D-printed Storage System

A starter package of grids and modules is available click here to download. You can also do a search for FreeGrid to find modules contributed by other users. We also have the model files available on Printables and Cults3D.

FreeGrid is a design system for modular, grid based storage. The inspiration comes from a workshop organization system designed by Alexandre Chappel, but we wanted to have the ability to design our own components, and Chappel’s system is a commercial product and not open. In3D started work on FreeGrid in late 2019 but then other projects took priority. In April 2020, Zach Freedman released his open Gridfinity system and we figured adopting that was great, just use his system and we have a solution.

But Zach made some design choices I wasn’t 100% happy with and his design files were released in Fusion 360, while this system is designed with macros written for the open source CAD tool FreeCAD. Importing his system into FreeCAD would lose all the parametric aspects of Zach’s design, rendering them almost useless. Even if the parametric aspect was imported successfully, the macro based approach makes it much easier to make system-wide design tweaks.

The FreeGrid package on Cults3D contains over 100 predefined grid and box modules that should be useful for a wide variety of applications, but the real power lies in making use of FreeCAD macros. Equipped with a straightforward user interface, the macros are great for generating base grids and boxes in any size you need. The macros and instructions for installing them into FreeCAD are available on GitHub🔗.

Once the base box is generated, it’s relatively easy to design a custom component, knowing that it will fit into the overall grid system. New components to organize our 3D printing and CNC workspaces will be coming soon. When they to they’ll be made available both on Printables/Cults3D and as FreeCAD drawings so that people can adapt and remix them to suit their own needs. I have an in-house request for some sewing and craft related components as well (in other words, it’s a hit with my wife, too).

Please help support FreeGrid development by giving any amount to us via Liberapay .

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