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A 3D printed component holding digital calipers, some batteries for the calipers and a small screwdriver. The box-like component has recesses in it to precisely fit these parts.

A Horizontal Digital Caliper Module

I’ve generally been pretty happy with the vertical Caliper and Ruler module. Even though it’s a little crude, it’s a good small footprint solution for a crowded work area, but it’s not exactly convenient for storing calipers in a drawer. The first solution works best for me because I’m more than a little ADD: if something is out of sight, it might as well cease to exist. So I’ve got a messy desk where everything that still exists is visible and space is at a premium. This doesn’t work as well for people who like to have clean desks. Sticking…

Image shows five FreeGrid through hole resistor storage boxes on a blue grid. Each box is a different colour that corresponds to the colours in resistor code bands.

The First Contributed Module is Here

User hasecilu on Cults3D has created the first module not designed here. Their FreeGrid through hole resistor storage box uses a custom box height to maintain a low profile. Better yet, they printed their boxes in colours to match resistor colour codes. Very clever indeed.

FreeGrid module with capacity for 25 CNC bit cartridges

The Router Bit Module and Design Compromises

Designing 3D printed objects is a crash course in industrial design. Turning an idea into a thing that does a job is a major skill. That’s why you can get a degree in Industrial Design. Over the years I’ve had more “oh, crap” moments at the design stage than I can count. Once you get past those, there’s a bunch more to deal with when you actually try to make the print, especially in FDM and SDM where trying to print in thin air rarely works out. And then you get to it prints but it breaks / doesn’t do…

Pliers module not quite ready

I designed this module to hold pliers. I left the slots at either end for some of the bigger tools and kept the rest narrow so the tools were held upright. It works as designed, but I’m not happy with the design. For starters, the larger tools are taller so it’s harder to access the smaller ones in the middle. Better to put two wider slots at the back. Then there’s that big scraper, which could do with a more narrow… The point is that everyone is going to have different needs for a module like this. I’m going to…

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