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Pliers module not quite ready

I designed this module to hold pliers. I left the slots at either end for some of the bigger tools and kept the rest narrow so the tools were held upright. It works as designed, but I’m not happy with the design. For starters, the larger tools are taller so it’s harder to access the smaller ones in the middle. Better to put two wider slots at the back. Then there’s that big scraper, which could do with a more narrow…

The point is that everyone is going to have different needs for a module like this. I’m going to tweak this to put the wider slots together and release that, but I won’t be using it myself. Instead I’m going to build a combination module that will just hold 3 or 4 pliers/cutting tools and allocate the rest of the space to tweezers, and I’ll lay that out for my specific tools. I’ll make both versions available and hopefully people will remix them to suit their own shops.

After all the purpose of an open system is to be able to build something for your specific needs. Instead of trying to build something that works for many people, I should probably do that.

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