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A safety knob lock for stove or BBQ.

Stove/BBQ Knob Safety Locks


12 Inch Wave Template for Quilting

Overview of quilter's wave template

Tape Dispenser with Built-in Cutter



With this dispenser, the tape reel spins freely on the holder. Press your thumb down on the cutter to hold the reel in place and tear. A little tab of tape remains, which makes it easy to start the next piece. This was designed to make it easier to lay painter’s tape on a print bed, but it has proved useful all over the shop.

See it in action on Instagram.

Rev 2 fixes improves the first version of the design. The cutter has sharper teeth and the rim at the base makes it easier to hold.

Designed for a “standard” tape size. Fits anything up to 50mm (2″).



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Red, Black, Silver, White, Transluscent, Tan/Beige, Orange

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